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Know About The Wonderful White Pine Trees

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White Pine

The large, straight-stemmed white pine tree with a pyramidal crown
growing to a height of 50 to 100 feet is found in southern Canada, Great
Lake States, northeast and Appalachian Mountains. They have needle like
3 to 5 inch long unique leaves with a bluish green upper surface and white
underneath that generally grow in groups of five. Their slender tapering
cones are fully grown in the second season of summer and they discharge
seeds during the autumn. White pines reach maturity at a ripe age of
150 to 200 years and have been found to live until the age of 450 years.

White pines known for their elegance are very slow growing and so do not
require repotting or transferring often to other places. These towering giant
white pines dominating landscapes but keep a low profile and maintain their
elegance. They just need small spaces for their growth. White pines usually
grow in places having limestone outcroppings and porous soils with good
internal drainage. They are best suited to grow even in the sandy barren Gulf
states. White pines are generally intolerant and cannot share their soil with
trees that are tolerant, however this proves to be advantageous and they have
occupied the barren unoccupied lands for their cultivation. It is true that they
grow well on sandy soils, their wood is marketed when they are just 5 years
and give a good crop every five years thereafter.

This slow-growing dwarf white pine trees that grow in full sun and in well-
drained soil are very effective in foundation plantings, entrance plantings,
or in any other design where it is critical to have plants that won't outgrow
the space allotted to them. It is better to grow them from seeds rather than
transplant them. Another interesting feature of white pines is their root
system. Their taproots dig incredibly deep for the family water supply
making it very difficult to move a young pine tree without damage to its
taproots. This is also the secret of the pine family to just brave it out in all
circumstances and grow in all wasteland of the world. It is also true that you
can do your best for your white pine trees by keeping the land around them
free of brier-patches, quick growers as Sumach, Scrub-Oak, Sweet-Gum,
and other comparatively little value trees.

Protect your elegant and magnificent pine tree from its deadly enemy, the
White Pine blister rust. The rust fungi do not attack the white pine trees first,
but rather attack the wild currant and gooseberry bushes in the vicinity and
spray dust like spores that are carried by the winds to the bark of the young
white pine tree. The remedy lies in destroying the bushes that transmit these
spores. These spores or dangers come to the white pine trees in various
forms during various stages of their development and mostly attack the
white pine trees at night when their surfaces are moist, helping spores to

Having known all about the white pine tree it would be interesting to note
the most interesting fact that the tallest white pine tree is in Marquette in
Michigan state and the largest northeastern conifer with five needles in a
bundle was found east of the Rocky mountains.

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Know About The Wonderful White Pine Trees

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