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Bonsai \ Your Favorite Bonsai \ The use of Tenpai
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dick benbow The use of figurines to add to the story of display. I find little reference and guidance in older bonsai magazines and nothing really in books printed in english. Would love to have someone start sharing.......

I found a pretty tancho craine and wanted to use it in a display and was told wait for late winter, during their breeding season to use. So I know there's a lot to learn and would like to begin, with you sharing what you know or sharing what material you have found on the subject.

Thanks in advance
6:17:00 AM
Kakejiku I have been working in the Gaddou system with Kuzuhara Ikkou Sensei. In his books I have only studied a little bit about the 添配accent pieces (He calls them Soe and not Tenpai, but I can see how these two characters could also be read Tenpai). But the first point that he hammered into me is to understand how to rank the various pieces from most formal (真 Shin) to Semi-formal (行 Gyou) to informal (草 Sou). The ranking is based upon primarily by what the image depicts and the second is with what the material the piece is made. 3/28/2012
6:18:00 AM
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