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Bonsai \ Request a bonsai \ Theme request for Openbox Bonsai 2012
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melodie Hi,

I would like to have a new and different theme for Openbox Bonsai 2012, which I will work on just after Openbox full 2012. I would like very much if it is with a green dominant color, symbolizing lightness and softness.

The different parts needed are:

* background;
* gfxboot;
* plymouth;
* gdm;

After browsing the web I have kept the following images to show the kind of type of green I would like for it...
http://bridge-club-nantes.pagesperso-orange.fr/ images/ index_Box7.jpg
http://www.greenwallpaper.org/ backgrounds/ Strange%20Fruit-748034.jpeg
http://www.greenwallpaper.org/ backgrounds/ Nature%20View-556188.jpeg
http://www.puul.net/ wallpapers/ Green-Wallpaper-for-Music.jpg

(the last one I find funny, but I don't especially ask for animals spreading out of a box.
12:28:00 AM
timeth Thanks for the information melodie Smiley

A gallery has been created at the PCLinuxOS Design Studio
12:29:00 AM
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