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Bonsai \ Request a bonsai \ Would this type azalea be a good bonsai, plus other questions
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katsols For a month now i've been doing research on bonsai, azalea bonsai and azalea care but still some things are confusing to me.

Hi, my name is Katerina and i live in zone 7b according to the new usda map. I wanted to turn a nursery bloom-a-thon azalea into a bonsai. I wanna buy it online, this one to be specific http://www.soonerplantfarm.com/ index.cfm/ fuseaction/ plants.plantDetail/ plant_id/ 2243/ index.htm a 3 gal potted. Or an encore azalea, which is also in the same website.

Also, i can't figure out what kind of soil i should use for it. I have a good local bonsai store "bonsai of brooklyn" and they have bonsai soil. Is there something azaleas need specifically in their soil? other than it has to be acidic? I've heard some people use plain potting soil with just a lot of mulch and pearlite.
6:35:00 AM
katsols Yea all of you are right, it would be best to go to a nursery and check out all of their different azaleas. Thank you so much glaucus, and jimlewis. My local nursery has these pretty nice azaleas, Azalea 'Conversation Piece'('Emile Russave' x Carol') x 'Eikan', Azalea 'Sherwoodi' and Azalea 'Coral Bells'. The Sherwoodi, is a Kurume hybrid their parentage is predominantly R. sataense with R. kiusianum. I personally like conversation piece and coral bells a lot and Azalea Shugetsu really caught my eye, but i can't find anywhere where it's sold here 3/28/2012
6:37:00 AM
Glaucus Here in Europe we have many kurume type cultivar that are really heavy on r.kiusianum. Much heavier so than the American kurume.
We call them kuisianum hybrids rather than kurume hybrids.
I find these kiusianum hybrids are much more dwarf, backbudding and compact than the normal kurume hybrids. So in that respect they are more similar to many satsuki.

'Coral Bells' is actually a Japanese cultivar under the name 'Kirin'.
R.sataense is probably an uniform population that evolved from a natural hybrid of R.kiusianum and R.kaempferi. But it was probably also used to create kurume hybrids. Also there are many areas where R.kaempferi and R.kiusianum overlap and natural hybrids occur.

Hybrids between R.kiusianum and R.indicum or satsuki are some of the nicest for bonsai. Like 'Kakuo' or 'Hoshi no Kagayaki'.
Personally I really like the trait of azalea that put out new foliage early in spring and flower later. Kurume and kiusianum type flower first.
6:37:00 AM
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